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Casino X rightly always occupies the top places in all the top ratings of gambling establishments in our country. Every day the casino site is visited by hundreds of thousands of people, many of them leave with decent winnings. We could not ignore such a popular establishment and made a detailed review of it so that every player - both a beginner and an experienced user - could independently familiarize themselves with the activities of Casino X and appreciate it. The X Casino About page contains the review summary and other useful information.

About us X Casino
Every day - a new tournament at Casino X

Casino X Features Review

Each page of this site contains a detailed analysis of the following sections:

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X Casino: legal information

Before playing on the Casino X website online, the user is obliged to familiarize himself with the terms and conditions of the club. We remind you that all information on this site is presented for information only, we do not urge you to gamble!

  1. The player independently decides on the use of online casino services. All actions and their consequences are the result of the player's personal choice, made at his discretion at his own peril and risk.
  2. The X Casino website operates in accordance with the clauses of this Agreement. We do not provide any additional guarantees or representations and exclude our liability (to the extent required by law) for all implied warranties.
  3. The Casino administration is not responsible for violations, negligence, losses, damage and losses that cannot be foreseen at the moment.
  4. Only adult citizens can gamble!
  5. All third-party links that are posted on this site are published only for your convenience, so that you get the most detailed information. The site administration is not responsible for the content of other sites, the actions or omissions of their owners, and for the content of third-party advertisements and sponsorships.
  6. By providing personal information, players agree that the Administration has the right to process their personal data for the purposes specified in the Agreement or to comply with regulatory and legal obligations. All information is strictly confidential and cannot be disseminated.
  7. All information on this site is presented in accordance with the information on the Casino X site. We are not responsible for the completeness and relevance of the information provided.

Denial of responsibility

We remind you that only adult citizens can gamble. Leave this site if you are under 18 years of age!

We do not urge you to gamble, but only provide information about the work of X Casino, so that you can independently familiarize yourself with and analyze the work of the casino. All information on the site is presented for informational purposes only.

The players independently agree that the choice to use the services of the casino or not rests entirely with them, and they do this solely at their own choice, discretion and at their own risk.

The work of the official site is carried out in accordance with the rules and conditions of the casino. We do not make any additional representations or warranties with respect to the website or the services offered on the website, and we hereby exclude our liability (to the extent required by law) for all implied warranties.

We are not responsible for contracts, wrongdoing, negligence, any damage or loss caused, including but not limited to loss of data, income, prestige, reputation, or any loss that we cannot currently foresee. X Casino is also not responsible for the content of any of the Internet sites that may be accessed through the Website.

The website may contain links to other sites that are also outside the control of the Company and are not mentioned in the Terms. The company is not responsible for the content of any third-party sites, actions or omissions of their owners, nor for the content of third-party advertisements and sponsorships on these sites. Hyperlinks to other sites are provided for informational purposes only. Your use of any such links is at your own risk.

Responsible Gaming

It is important to remember that gambling should only be viewed as a fun pastime and not as a means of generating income. In order to maintain control over your gambling addiction, we remind you that you should always consider the following points:

  • no need to try to recoup at any cost - you always have a chance to win next time;
  • not bet more than you can afford;
  • keep track of the time spent on the gaming site;
  • If you need a break from gambling, write a request to online support serviceto temporarily restrict your access.

In case you cannot stop on your own and to stop play, immediately contact a specialist for help!

We hope that the About us X Casino - review page helped you to better evaluate the work of this gambling establishment!

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