Win the NetEnt Game Contest

The most persistent and fortunate will reach the end and share € 10,000 among themselves.

Information about the competition and the current stage

Contest started: 2021-03-05 10:00 (GMT +3)

Maximum winners:

Starting round duration: 3 days

Round duration: 3 days

Late qualification: available

Rounds played: 4

Qualifying round #5: RUB 13,714.00

Players qualified: 74

Competition rules:

The competition will run until 05/01/2021 (10:00 GMT 0) and consists of 20 rounds lasting 3 days. According to the results of the final round, the winners will be determined and they will be given cash awards in equal parts from the total prize pool of € 10,000.

To participate in the competition, the player must qualify at the start stage and in each subsequent stage, and to win the player must qualify at the final stage.

Attention: you can take part in the competition even if you missed the starting stage; this requires qualification at any current stage if it is marked as “stage available for late qualification”.

Late qualifiers become unavailable after round 20. The qualification in the current stage is understood as a certain amount of bets that must be made in the competitive game during the period of the stage. This amount is indicated in the information about the competition. The amount of bets for qualification in the next stage may differ from the amount of bets required for qualification in the current stage. To be sure that you have qualified in the current stage and continue to participate in the next, be sure to pay attention to the table below.

Read the detailed terms on the Casino X website.

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